I’m a designer. I worked for a small award-winning design studio before transitioning into photography. I recently completed an intensive graphic design course with Shillington Education to refresh my design skills after an extended hiatus and am eager to put them to good use.
I’m a photographer. As a young designer, I was lucky to work with some very talented photographers. They inspired me to become one myself, and for a while I freelanced as a graphic designer offering in-house photography services. I had my own photography studio for more than a decade while living in San Francisco, working with clients like Adobe, Deloitte, Nike, Oracle, and UPS. Here are some examples of my photography.
I’m a builder. I love working with my hands and spent a few years renovating homes with a crew in upstate New York. This led to several of my own small contracts, as well as employment with a shop that fabricates custom crates for renowned artists and museums.
I’m an artist. When I’m not shooting, designing or in the wood shop, you can find me in front of a canvas. I’ve always enjoyed painting. Over the past few years, I've been painting birds. I was originally inspired by a photography assignment with a Mother Goose reference. We had no time to find a live goose so I painted one the night before. I've been painting birds ever since. The goose and more of my paintings can be viewed here.
I’m a husband and father. Above all else, I derive the greatest joy and learn the most about myself from my wife and two daughters.  :D
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